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Career Clarity

Are you not so happy in your current job? Do you feel stuck or like you are not where you are meant to be? Are you wondering whether you should quit your job and try something different, or stay in the security of your current job?

I asked myself these questions a few years ago. And I know how hard it is to take that decision and how liberating you will feel once you did.

I am so excited to share this 4 week online program with you, which will empower you to make a decision about whether you need a career change. I will share from my own experiences and the knowledge I’ve gain over the past years supporting others. It will help you gain clarity about what you need to feel fulfilled, balanced and excited about your future career. By the end of January you will be able to take a well-founded decision about your professional future.

Start: 09.01.23

Details: live online Mondays 8 pm and Thursdays 7 pm CET 75 Min, recordings will be available after. From 9.-30th Jan.


Feel your body and your needs

Slow down, change perspective, distance yourself from thoughts

Clarity about your values & beliefs, recognizing underlying thought and behavior patterns

Dealing with the unknown, taking a decision, making a plan

Price: 222€ , bring a friend to get 20% discount


Start 9th of January – join my free online 30 min Master class Friday 6th of Jan at 6:30 pm CET.

Recording will be available here: Watch Recording

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Private Sessions

Yoga Meditation Klassen workshop Berlin Mitte da sein Studio
Duration: 60 minutes

Personally tailored program

Content: Yoga exercises, meditation and breathing exercises

possible online

Location: in the studio in Mitte or by arrangement

Price on request

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