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Weekly online Morning Meditation into Stillness

Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday morning we gather together for a 20 Minute Morning Meditation via Zoom.  The guidance will support us to be at ease and relax into the field of the body to be ready to meet the rest of our day ahead.

If you want to work with inquiry and contemplation into who you really are, at the core of your being, a regular Meditation practice is essential.

If you are having a hard time to stick to a regular practice, this online community is there to support you build up regularity and to show up for each other.


When & Where:

  • Every Tuesday & Wednesday 7 am – every Saturday 9 am – starting from 9th of may 2023
  • online, the zoom link gets sent to your email address latest 15 minutes before


  • first session: free
  • 5 session package: 15 €
  • 10 session package: 25 €
  • unlimited sessions per month : 29 € (cancellation always possible)


Over time you will be able to observe and transform beliefs you have formed about how life should and shouldn’t be, as well as your  habitual patterns.

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Private Session

A private session is a perfect for you to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit. You gain awareness of patterns and habits causing unbalance in your physical, mental and emotional Self.

Joining a group class may be too big a step. For example, if you are uncertain about your level of practice or because you have a health problem. Or maybe you don’t have time for a group class or prefer to practice at home or at work at your own time. A private session will help you develop self-confidence and relaxation in your yoga practice.

Content: 60 minutes personally tailored program of Yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises

Location: online, at your private home or in EDEN private Gym Zehdenicker Str. 8B, 10119 Berlin

Price: 1 session: 110 €, 5 sessions: 525 €

Booking: send an E-Mail to or Book your 30 Min Free online consultation:

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3 month program - Guidance into true awareness

There can be periods in your life that you feel unsure or confused, perhaps exhausted, stressed or constantly caught up in worries. Maybe there is a feeling that something is missing or that you are not sure about who you really are, or how to find peace and contentment in the here and now.

In these times it can be helpful to share your experience and receive guidance. Coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and life so that a sense of clarity, peace and joy re-enters your life. To feel home again within yourself.

I know feeling like that all too well, therefore I have dedicated the last years to educating myself in the field of emotional wellbeing. I have created this new 3 month program on the basis of my own intense practice and the success stories of my private clients.

I am offering one on one Guidance into Awareness sessions. You will meet with me once a week online or in person for 60 Minutes over a period of 3 month.

In each session, we will create space to allow you to see what you see and feel what you feel, without preconceptions & conditioning.

With the help of meditation, breath exercises and movement we will release energetic and physical blockages from your body. I will assist you in focussing the attention away from a limited, mostly anxious personal state of mind into our natural state of openness and peace.


No meditation or yoga experience required.

Prices in Person: 444 € per month – Online  222€ per month


If desired book your free 30 Min online session:

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Still not sure if it's right for you?

frequently asked Questions

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