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From Burnout to Balance

Move from doing to being.

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Burnout is a state of physical, emotional & mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress or frustration in the workplace or other areas of life. Leaving you to…

  • feeling emotionally and physically exhausted
  • feeling detached from your job or other areas of your life
  • feelings of cynicism or negativity
  • feeling like your job or other areas of your life are becoming meaningless
  • having difficulty concentrating; lack motivation
  • leading to irritability and insomnia

With my own story closely linked to Burnout, my work as a Yoga and Meditation teacher comes under the umbrella of „From Burnout to Balance“. My offers all contribute to supporting you to create a work-life balance and finding the way back to your inner contentment, mental & physical wellbeing and motivation.

Reasons you may be feeling this way could be…

  • prolonged or chronic stress
  • a lack of control over your work or other areas of your life
  • a lack of recognition or reward for your efforts
  • a lack of support or resources
  • conflicting demands or unrealistic expectations
  • a lack of work-life balance

Burnout can have serious consequences for both you as individual and your organization. It can lead to serious health problems such as depression, anxiety, and heart disease, alongside with decreased job performance, productivity, increased absenteeism and turnover.

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Yoga Meditation Klassen workshop Berlin Mitte da sein Studio

Recognize the twisted expectations of the world and trust your own perception

Growing superlatives, excessive pressure from outside and the associated unrealistic expectations make us lose the connection to ourselves. Our thoughts are constantly racing and revolving around themselves. We rush through our everyday lives as if remotely controlled.

“We often have too little positive and too much negative feelings. Why is this becoming a problem? Well, because we have little direct volitional control over our feelings. Within wide limits we can think and do what we want. But we can’t feel what we want. However, there are ways to indirectly influence our feelings. There are lawful connections between thinking and feelings, as well as between behavior and feelings.”

– dr medical Dietmar Hansch

Yoga Meditation Klassen workshop Berlin Mitte da sein Studio
Yoga Meditation Klassen workshop Berlin Mitte da sein Studio

Here we start. My offer is suitable for you if you want to solve your stress or anxiety issue in the long term. I can also support you in the treatment and care of burnout. I will give you tools to help you face your overwhelming emotions in acute stress and crisis situations.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a yoga professional or are new to yoga. I’ll pick you up where you are right now. What you should bring with you is the will to be honest with yourself.

From disorientation through fear to self-acceptance

I’m Maria. After 14 years of work in a large international corporation, I realized how haphazard and lost I was flying around the world and through my life at a faster and faster rate. I took some time off and embarked on a solo journey into myself. The distance and new calm made me realize that I had lost myself under the chronic stress of my lifestyle. I quit with the goal of feeling again who I actually am and what I really need.

„I had the feeling of running a sprint without knowing where the goal actually is.“

Yoga Meditation Klassen workshop Berlin Mitte da sein Studio