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Guidance into true awareness

NEW 3 Month Program

Give yourself space to rediscover how to live your life fully.

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There can be periods in your life that you feel unsure or confused, perhaps exhausted, stressed or constantly caught up in worries. Maybe there is a feeling that something is missing or that you are not sure about who you really are, or how to find peace and contentment in the here and now.

In these times it can be helpful to share your experience and receive guidance. Coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and life so that a sense of clarity, peace and joy re-enters your life. To feel home again within yourself.


I know feeling like that all too well, therefore I have dedicated the last years to educating myself in the field of emotional wellbeing. I have created this new 3 month program on the basis of my own intense practice and the success stories of my private clients.


I am offering one on one Guidance into Awareness sessions. You will meet with me once a week online or in person for 60 Minutes over a period of 3 month.

In each session, we will create space to allow you to see what you see and feel what you feel, without preconceptions & conditioning.

With the help of meditation, breath exercises and movement we will release energetic and physical blockages from your body. I will assist you in focussing the attention away from a limited, mostly anxious personal state of mind into our natural state of openness and peace.

No meditation or yoga experience required.

Prices in Person: 444 € per month – Online  222€ per month

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My story - From disorientation through fear to self-acceptance

I’m Maria. After 14 years of work in a large international corporation, I felt like something was missing, but I couldn’t quite understand what it was. I didn’t even know who I really was anymore. So I decided to literally create space between me and everything I had known so far. I quit my job, gave up my apartment and almost all of my belongings. At the age of 36 I embarked on a solo journey to myself, leaving my old safe life to travel the world with almost all my belongings fitting in my backpack. I left with the goal of feeling again who I actually am and what I really need.

The distance and new calm made me realize that I had lost myself under the chronic stress of my lifestyle.For the first time, I allowed myself to face uncomfortable emotions like loneliness and disorientation that I had been running away from under my old fast-paced lifestyle.

During that journey I dedicated my time to educating myself in the field of emotional wellbeing, training as a 600 h certified Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher, as well as further eductions in Meditation, Trauma sensitive somatic practices, Burnout treatment & prevention, Philosophie, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Today I mainly teach group and individual sessions in person in Berlin or online.

Maybe our path will cross and I hope to support you on your own journey to yourself.

See you soon 🙂 Much love Maria

My mission - To heal the Planet, We must first heal the connection to ourselves

I am dedicated to honoring and sharing the roots of Yoga from the perspective of our modern busy lifestyle. I hold space for you to still the mind, feel your body and truly connect to your heart and therefor others.