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Workshop –

Regulate your Nervous system




What to expect:

  • How does our nervous system function? What exactly is a stress response? How does it effect our various bodily functions?
  • Cultivate greater body awareness to recognize a dysregulation in your own nervous system
  • Release chronic muscular holding patterns locked deep in your body
  • Practice & learn different techniques that you can use in your daily life to find your way back to balance



With stress levels increasing, many of us are experiencing an overactive nervous system.

Living in this state constantly takes up an enormous amount of energy, and our bodies cannot keep up with the demands long term. Over time, the body and mind begin to shut down and we get illness and disease as a result.

During this mode, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, which causes the heart rate and blood pressure to increase, the muscles to constrict, and digestion to take a break. In this state, the body releases cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and a host of hormones that may decrease white blood cells.

The good news is, we can reshape the nervous system, with somatic tools that work to rewire the brain and body.

I offer two differently focused options: one specifically tailored to supporting your teams and one specifically focused on your leaders. Each 3 hour workshop is focused entirely on nervous system regulation. I will teach techniques to rebalance the nervous system while managing the ups and downs of daily life. This will help your teams and leaders to reenter & sustain a state of calm, mental clarity, focus and physical health.

“Regulate Your Nervous System Workshop for Teams”

In this “Regulate Your Nervous System Teams” workshop, I will share techniques specifically tailored to help your team members independently acquire the skills they need to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance. When they apply these techniques, your team members will see an improvement in their overall physical and mental health, automatically unlocking capacity for greater mental focus and innovation, as well as improving social skills.

“Regulate Your Nervous System Workshop for Leaders”

As humans, we unconsciously regulate our nervous system along with others. The more your leaders are able to maintain a balanced state of their own nervous system, the greater the impact on their entire team. In addition, mirror neurons in the brain also directly influence the state of your teams based on the regulation of the nervous system of their leaders. In this Workshop the techniques are tailored to support your leaders, to use their own nervous system regulation to co-regulate others and to support themselves in the best way during this process.

Location: In Person in your office or Online

Price: on request

Business Yoga & Meditation


80-85% of all physical and psychological illnesses are caused by stress. Because excessive stress hormones in our system, such as cortisol, cause the immune system to shut down. In addition, when we release too much stress hormones, our thoughts become irrational and linear. This makes it difficult to find objective and creative solutions to problems.

How can you support your employees in reducing and preventing stress?

Yoga is known for its ability to ease stress, increase mental well-being and promote relaxation. Scientific studies show that practicing yoga & meditation significantly improves the quality of life. Also in the work environment.

Thank you, for your interest in practicing business yoga with me. I feel it is great that you are considering to offer the benefits of yoga to your employees and I am happy to support you on this path.

Location: In Person in your office or Online.

Price: on request



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